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Sooner or later most couples living in a blended family feel overwhelmed with their circumstances and uncertain how to move forward.

So, we've developed a simple framework to help you reduce conflict, build more connection, and increase your confidence so that you can create a whole new legacy for your family.

After almost two decades of leading our own blended family and coaching step-couples just like you, we can teach you how to build the family you really want.

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See what couples are saying...

"We feel much more equipped and confident as we move forward in our journey of blending our families. Thank you, Mike and Kim, for your time, sharing your personal experiences and caring so much about successful stepfamilies! "

Bill & Katie

"...we were so overwhelmed with blended family dynamics, it felt torturous...after going through coaching we have tools, strategies, and a deeper understanding of how to live in the complex dynamics. We are so incredibly grateful for their coaching style and wisdom they graciously provided for us. Not only do they teach it but they live by it - so they have a deep understanding of both the benefits and the struggle. Our first recommendation to ANY couple who has or will have a blended family would be Mike and Kim’s coaching. "

Jake & Whitney

"We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Mike and Kim. We’ve learned a ton of real and practical tools that we can take home and use with our blended family. Thanks Mike and Kim!"

Dustin & Danelle

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