Attention Parents & Step-Parents...

Discover the best kept secret to building unity, connection & structure in your stepfamily — in less than two weeks!


When you apply this simple, step-by-step process, you'll finally be making essential parenting decisions as a team — even if it feels like your parenting-styles are completely different.

Hi, it's Mike & Kim here and we're excited to reveal how you can reduce conflict, create more unity as a couple and move your family forward to the future you really want.

You've already seen our 4-Part Plan for building the unity, connection and structure you want for your family, but you're still not sure how to get started.

Maybe you're overwhelmed or just having a hard time getting on the same page as a couple about how you want to guide your family forward.  When you're not on the same page, everything seems to get worse...especially when it comes to parenting kids and step-kids.

We've been there and we want to help.  If you can relate to any of what we've shared, then this might be the answer you've been looking for.

And here's why…

 We know what it's like to feel stuck in conflict over parenting.  Our stepfamily adventure started in 2001 and we quickly found out just how difficult parenting can be.  Misunderstandings, hurtful arguments and lots of confusion about parenting popped up around every corner.

In just a few minutes we're going to share with you something that took us years to discover about overcoming all our parenting struggles.  PLUS we'll show you how you can learn exactly what you need to do next that will get you and your partner on the same page in all your parenting decisions!

But before we get into all that, let us tell you a short story about how we discovered our secrets to success…

Here's the Story:

We remember it like it was yesterday…

…we were locked in the biggest fight of our marriage with the entire family trapped inside a minivan for 6 long and painful hours!  The fun filled family adventure that we had planned on the Oregon Coast had come to a screeching halt and we were headed home 2 days early.

What was our fight about?  You guessed it — Parenting!

Specifically it was about parenting Kim's daughter from a previous marriage — Annika, who was 15 at the time.

Kim and I thought we had agreed on our expectations of Annika's behavior during the trip, but clearly we were not on the same page.  Before the vacation, we talked through how to handle her attitude and even discussed her cell phone usage. We wanted her to be engaged with the family (maybe that was an unrealistic expectation at the time).

We did our best to be proactive so that we could parent as a team...

...but once Annika started pushing the boundaries and the pressure was on — everything fell apart.  Her nose was stuffed in her cell phone and the attitude started flying…toward us as well as our younger kids.

Thinking we had already prepared for that, I was expecting Kim to do something about it.  After all, it was her daughter that was creating the tension.  Instead, she seemed to have this knack for ignoring Annika's behavior.  To me it seemed like everything we talked about before the trip was suddenly tossed out the window and I was left to just suffer the consequences.

About 3 days in, I couldn't take it any longer.  The chip on Annika's shoulder was growing and all the parenting plans we talked about were being ignored.  I was mad…fuming…I was completely done with this trip and so I started packing up our things early.

TIME OUT, Mike... haven't told the whole story yet.  I (Kim) think it's important to share that both Annika and I started feeling a nasty cold coming on just the day before we left on our trip.  By the time we started traveling, we were both feeling pretty crummy.

That fact changed everything for me.  Sure, we had talked about Annika's cell usage and her attitude, but everyone needs a little leeway when they're sick.  I figured it was perfectly fine for her to get a little extra time to lounge around and text her friends. Plus I expected a bit of an attitude — knowing how terrible she was feeling with that cold.

Not only that, but she's MY kid… it was up to me to make the call.  I knew Mike wanted me to follow through more on what we talked about, but that was before we were both sick so now the plan needed to change.  I could tell Mike was getting angry and I didn't want to set him off, so I avoided talking to him about it and just tried to make sure Annika wasn't too snarky.

Finally, Mike blew his top.  He decided the trip was over and started throwing things into the van as fast as possible.  I was so mad, Annika was irritated and our two little ones were confused.

This was 10 years into our marriage.  We'd had arguments around parenting before, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back.  And it kicked off a season that almost ended our marriage.

It took us several months to sort through what was really going on for us...

...and eventually we made a major discovery.  You see, we started our relationship thinking we were on the same page about most everything — we were totally compatible.  Our ideas about parenting, family values and goals for our kids all seemed to line up.

But the truth is we were NOT on the same page.  We could talk about how we wanted to raise all the kids, but when the pressure was on we couldn't seem to follow through with our agreements.  I (Kim) tended to be more lenient, Mike wanted to hold a hard line.

So, what was it we discovered?


After working through our personal stepfamily challenges AND now that we've been supporting and coaching step-couples for over a decade, we've found that every step-couple can get united in their parenting if they do just 3 Things…

  1. Rules of Engagement — somewhere along the way, you will disagree about parenting issues.  You need some simple ground rules to help you agree on HOW you'll disagree.
  2. A Practical (repeatable) Process — you need a way to communicate and clarify your personal priorities for your family…the values, life skills and character traits that you'll hold yourself and all the kids accountable for.
  3. A Code of Conduct — stepfamily life is complex and confusing, but an effective action plan that clarifies (and simplifies) expectations will keep you parenting as a team and give you unity in all the other areas of family life.

Now, you have to understand that we spent several years trying and failing miserably at dealing with Kim's Ex.  It was painstaking and exhausting for us to figure all this out, but once we did...everything changed!

We got serious about implementing all 3 of these discoveries as we made decisions about handling Kim's difficult Ex…but it wasn't just that…we began drawing closer as a couple.  We started bonding in all our family relationships and even got more united around parenting all the kids in our own home.

It was such a relief to have the tension in our relationship begin to dissolve...

...which ultimately created more peace in our home.  Finally, we were enjoying each other more and working as a team like never before.

These simple changes made such an impact on us that others started taking notice.  

At work, people started asking me (Mike) what was up...they said I seemed “lighter” and happier.  So, I would share how great Kim and I were doing and a little of what we were learning. As you can imagine, there are lots of couples out there struggling in their stepfamily just like we were — including several of my co-workers…

Some of them began asking me what we were doing I told them.  They began trying out some of our ideas and sharing stories with me about how these ideas were helping them make progress in their own stepfamily.

Once we realized these discoveries were helping other couples too...

...we just kept sharing what we were learning and before we knew it — we were getting even more families “referred” to us for help.

Along the way, people made comments like “You guys should write a book” or questions like “Do you guys teach this stuff somewhere?”  

At that time I had a pretty successful career (which I loved) and we were really busy still raising our own family.  But, we kept wondering what more we could do to help step-couples.

We were meeting with couples and even facilitating groups.  And pretty soon we realized just how HUGE the need is for step-couples to have quality support.  

As more and more couples were asking for help and then telling us stories of how our simple system was transforming their homes, we knew we had to do more.  

So, with some reluctant excitement...we took a huge risk!

I turned in my resignation, leaving behind an 18 year successful career (that I really did love) to do something that Kim and I love even more…

...and now we’re putting all our focus on helping step-couples — helping you — to experience this same transformation in your home too!

And the more couples we’ve shared these discoveries with, the more we realized that we all want the same thing in stepfamily life —  less tension and conflict — to be united as a couple — to enjoy connection as a family — and to have the confidence that we're going to make it!

If you're still reading this, then it's clear that this is exactly what you want too…

…that's why we've spent several months talking with step-couples, compiling information  and reflecting on our own challenges.  All of that work and effort gave us what we needed to build a simple and effective tool that EVERY couple needs to build the unity, connection and confidence they're really after.

And we're excited to let you know that it's finally ready to share!  We've created a simple, easy to understand resource for step-couples that will transform stepfamily parenting from confusing and chaotic to connected and confident — in 2 weeks or less!

It's called…

Stepfamilies that Make It!

How to get united as a couple so you can create the future you really want for your family…

...EVEN if it seems like you’ve tried everything and you’re still not on the same page!

Here's just a small peek at what you'll discover inside the course:


  • How to get on the same page around parenting & discipline — in only a few days.
  • How to experience more structure and peace in your home — without everyone feeling overwhelmed by a huge list of "house rules"
  • Get unified around the values, character traits and life skills you want to instill in your kids and step-kids — and build a solid strategy to guide them forward

Family Bonds…

  • Clarify exactly what kind of atmosphere you want everyone to experience in your home
  • Find out how to reduce tension and conflict so that your family can naturally build strong relational bonds
  • Help everyone gain a sense of unity and understanding as you define "what you're about" as a family and where you're headed

Co-Parenting with an Ex…

  • How to set clear boundaries in your home regardless of how the Ex manages their home.
  • Find out how to encourage your kids to embrace your family values even if your Ex's values are very different from yours
  • Discover how to set a positive example for your family as you negotiate with an Ex that you dislike or distrust

Stepfamilies for Beginners…

  • Discover a process that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls stepfamilies experience
  • Find out how to simplify your goals so that you're not overwhelmed by all the complexities of stepfamily life

And MUCH, Much More…

  • Discover a new tool to help you openly communicate with your partner about sensitive topics — without sparking more conflict or disconnection
  • How to reach the goals you BOTH have for everyone in your family
  • Create your family's 'Code of Conduct' so that everyone is clear on boundaries and expectations
  • Discover how you can begin to overcome pain points like disrespect, dishonesty, double-standards and many other behavioral challenges

Okay, so if you're like most people at this point you're probably feeling a new sense of hope — and you're ready to start experiencing something new in your stepfamily just like all the other step-couples we've gotten to connect with over the years.

With this new insider secret stepfamily strategy, you'll be able to finally enjoy more peace and less stress around parenting — which will ultimately lead to more connection for everyone in your family!

Won't it be great when you feel that sense of unity just a few weeks from now?  You've become a connected team who is guiding your family forward to the future you really want for them…and it only took you a couple of weeks!


We don't want to be a downer, but it pains us to hear about step-couples who are going round and round in circles trying to get on the same page, but stuck in the chaos of what seems to be hopeless circumstances — or they're just at a loss about where to even start.

These couples would be shocked to find out how simple it is to move past that chaos and into effective teamwork that will transform their family.  And sadly, those couples will most likely look back with regret — wishing they had experienced more unity and connection in their family.

But that won't be you when you join the Stepfamilies that Make It! Program.

Keeping all that in mind, we want to ask you how much you think a fair price would be for enrollment into this course?

Countless step-couples spend hundreds or even thousands on counseling every year just to hold it together.  And based on everything we just discussed, you'd probably agree that a couple hundred dollars would be worth every penny to have a sense of teamwork and connection as a family, right?

Here's What OTHERS Have Said About Their Experience with Mike & Kim...

"Mike and Kim have really opened our eyes and hearts to some of the unique challenges that blended families experience. They both presented information with hope and use their own personal experiences along the way. We are blessed to have been a part of this class."

Lance & Karla

"We felt completely lost on how to connect our blended family and how to handle certain situations that were taking place but Mike and Kim got us on the right path with the right attitudes. They are professional, caring, and full of wisdom which made our investment in their services worth every penny."

Josh & Amanda

"...[we learned] the importance of being a strong, united couple to lead our stepfamily to success, together...we now feel much more equipped and confident as we move forward in our journey of blending our families. Thank you, Mike and Kim, for sharing your personal experiences and caring so much about successful stepfamilies!"

Bill & Katie

"Mike and Kim helped us realize that being a successful blended family is possible. In their class we were able to learn tools a well as set realistic expectations and goals for our family. We are thankful for the important work they do in our community."

Serge & Anna

"We’ve learned a ton of real and practical tools that we can take home and use with our blended family. Thanks Mike and Kim!"

Dustin & Danelle

It Works...Or You Don't Pay!

We know what it's like to raise a stepfamily…and sometimes money can be tight!

What we really want is for more and more step-couples to experience the peace (and fun!) of that unity we described…and we want to help them leave the chaos and stress behind!

That's why we're making this accessible for every budget…and you won't have to risk a penny!

Now, before we mention the price, we want to make it perfectly clear how EASY this decision really is.

We will cover all the risk here.

That's right!  When you enroll now, you won't be risking a single penny…Why?

Because you are covered by our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

That's DOUBLE the amount of time it should take you to complete the whole course.

All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page to enroll in Stepfamilies that Make It! today.  Watch the videos, download all the worksheets and put your action plan together.  Implement everything you learn into your family and then…

If you're not completely satisfied with everything you've learned after 30 Days, then we INSIST you reach out to us and request a refund.  We'll return your full purchase price…no questions asked…no hassles.

Now you might be asking, "How can they do this?"

Yes, it is a financial risk for us…but we're so confident that you'll be excited about what you learn that we're willing to make it a "no-brainer" decision for you!  We've dedicated our lives to supporting and coaching step-couples just like you and we're not going to be happy unless you are!

So, again that's why we're making sure you can join Stepfamilies that Make It! — completely risk free!

PLUS — When You Enroll Today, You'll Get TWO Free Gifts Valued at $30!

Take a look at these two special gifts we want you to have when you take advantage of our special offer.  We hear from step-couples how impactful it is when we help them connect with each other by using the strategies in Stepfamilies that Make It! and then they want to know more about how to effectively connect with all the kids.  That's what these gifts are all about…

I was 7 years old when my dad remarried and I (Mike) became a step-child.   So when I ran across this quote from author, Jennifer Egan — I naturally empathized:

"The hardest thing about being a stepchild is you know that in some way everything would be easier if you didn't exist."

WOW…that's a difficult statement that's hard to overlook!

For almost two decades now I've been a step-dad to Annika.  I've learned over the years that the most influential step-parents are the ones who take the time to understand their step-child's perspective.  Then they thoughtfully craft their words and actions in a way that helps their step-child feel loved and valued.

And they can do this without even saying the words "I love you".

If this feels like a daunting challenge to you, you're not alone…we get it!  

That's why we've created this special bonus just for Step-Parents. This bonus will help you not only rise to this challenge, but also give you the insight and ability you need to send the right messages to your step-kids…with impeccable timing and delivery!

PLUS - you'll gain true insights into the most common challenges kids experience as they struggle to accept a new step-parent and adapt to all the changes taking place in their lives.

We've seen that when a step-parent gains insight and is able to clearly send a steady stream of these important messages to their step-kids, it can be a big…GAME CHANGER!

As tension and distance between you and your step-child begins to fade, step-parenting and connecting with them becomes easier .  Once your step-kids realize (for themselves) that you're trustworthy, dependable and patient, they'll gradually invite you to be part of their lives.

This is a MUST HAVE for every step-parent!   And we're SO excited for you to get your hands on this vital information that we're offering it to you at no charge.       

($15 Value)...Absolutely FREE!

I (Kim) will never forget the night before our wedding.  I was blindsided when my daughter shared that she didn't want me to marry Mike!  Up to this point, Annika had nothing but positive things to say about Mike. She was even excited when we announced our engagement and had always seemed open to accepting Mike into her life.  I was beyond confused when her attitude suddenly shifted…why? And…how should I respond?

As a (bio)parent, maybe you've been there too…puzzled by your child's attitudes and behaviors toward your partner or your step-family.   Maybe your child's actions are uncharacteristic and you don't understand where it's all coming from. I've definitely been there…and we've heard countless stories from parents about how their kids act out - sabotaging their relationship, withdrawing from the family and displaying behavior they've never seen before.  And every parent's reaction is the same…disappointment, frustration and confusion!

That's why we've created this special gift just for parents!

This gift will help you better understand what your kids may be experiencing as they struggle to 'fit in'.   When adjusting to a new stepfamily structure, almost every child will face troubling emotions such as insecurity and fear.

Emotionally, that's exactly what my daughter was experiencing on the night before our wedding.  See, I wasn't the only one confused…so was Annika. She was overwhelmed with confusion and feeling conflicted - what would my marriage to Mike mean for her and more importantly, how would all these changes impact her relationship with me?!

Parents need to understand that no matter how wonderful your new partner is, bringing an outsider into the fold is most likely going to create some challenges for your kids, which usually leads to fear and possibly even anger.

But you can confidently calm your child's fears and fulfill their fundamental need for security.   In this bonus gift you'll discover the 3 most important messages you can intentionally send your kids that will build their sense of security and belonging.  You'll also be equipped to respond and offer the emotional support that every kid really needs.

Over time, this will make a HUGE difference in how well your kids accept and adapt to all the changes, as well as how they respond to discipline and open up to connecting with their step-parent.

We want EVERY PARENT to have the ability to send these 3 loving - and absolutely vital - messages to their children.  And that's why we're giving this gift to you at no charge.

($15 value)...Absolutely FREE!

So, let's recap this opportunity...

When you enroll in Stepfamilies that Make It! today, you'll get:

  • Lifetime Membership to the Stepfamilies that Make It! Online Course...(valued at $79)

  • Free Gift #1 — The 3 Most Important Things Every Step-Child Needs to Know (valued at $15)...Absolutely Free!

  • Free Gift #2 — 3 Loving Messages Every Kid Needs to Feel Secure (valued at $15)...Absolutely Free!

That's a total value of $109…

But when you join us today, you'll get everything for...



...and remember that you'll get all of this without risking a penny because we've got you covered with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee — so there's nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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When you get started, you'll be taking your first step toward reducing conflict and stress, building your confidence as you guide your stepfamily and creating more connection for everyone!  We can't wait to see you inside…


Mike & Kim


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